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I think my last purchase was 5 years ago and this is my 4th order for personal home use. The darn things last so long, you don't get much repeat business until people get more dogs! If it was just Greyhounds, who tend not to be real destroyers, it'd be one thing. But even with 20 dogs of all sorts, some raised from pups, I've still got my original ones from 1989. I've used them in the adoption kennel at Wisconsin Dells & at Arizona Adopt A Greyhound, also in the vet's office at Valley Greyhound Park. I always keep 1 or 2 at the clinic for Greyhounds and other donor dogs. Nobody leaves us with pressure sores. These are definitely the best beds on the market.
Suzanne Stack DVM

You said I should have no trouble with ripping and shredding with your cots. I have to admit, I couldn't believe that there was much of anything that my Huskies (especially the male, Jasper) couldn't rip, shred, tear, etc. However, I am happy to tell you that we have had these cots now for over 6 months, and they still look pretty much the way they did the first day. And it isn't because they (and again I say especially he) didn't try. Jasper is a spoiled brat I'm afraid, and when he doesn't get his way he takes it out on his bed. He rips with his teeth and tries clawing it to death with his nails. But thanks to this magic cloth that you use, he does it to no avail. And even though Jasper is a brat and does these things to his bed, both he and Isis love their cots, they lay and sleep, rest and sometimes play on them a lot. I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are with these wonderful cots.
CJ, Jasper & Isis

I just wanted to let you know we LOVE our bed. Your customer service is WONDERFUL! We have gone through many many pet beds and your bed is the ONLY bed that has endured the challenge of our two Labradors. They LOVE being on this bed and they LOVE to play on it! They both weigh 90 pounds so when they are rough housing & bouncing on this bed it takes a beating. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service as well as your quality product!
Kim Parry

Our year old Great Dane puppy at first would only go on the cot if I got on it first, then slowly he would get on it on his own. It took some time and I was afraid he didn't like it, but thats not the case. He loves it now! He destroyed 7 beds, even 2 guaranteed chew-proof beds! So far so good. He licked the dog cot but nothing more and that makes me very happy! We have given it a 4 paws rating and I've told others on the Great Dane Forum that I belong to about it! It's highly recommended by others on that site too!
Gunner's Mom

I won the cot we had on Silent Auction that H&H donated last year. It is FANTASTIC !!!!! They are incredibly durable! My 2 grandsons have used it as a trampoline (til I caught them). My 160 & 200 lb geriatrics used it till they passed away, now (180 lb) Molly & (165 lb) Baby take turns on it. I've had it almost a year now and in spite of the torture its taken, you can't tell it isn't brand new ! The fabric has not stretched at all, No sagging ~! The bed is waterproof and easy to clean. Doesn't hold odors (even if you have incontinent geriatrics). And the legs are VERY sturdy so it doesn't tip. It holds together under the weight of Mastiffs but comes apart super easy for traveling. They make wonderful kennel beds cause they are so comfortable, durable, and easy to clean! These cots really hold up to the torture of our giant breed, puppy teeth, and even grandkids ! They really are SUPER FANTASTIC !!!
Donna Dick

Thank you so much for the lovely crate mat. I was very pleased with the construction, the way it fits into the crate and how very soft and comfortable it is for my sweet dog.
Again, thanks for such a great product.
Astrida Seale

I just want to let you know how much I love the large cushions that I bought earlier this year. I had been using fabric cushions for my 7 Greyhounds and just was not satisfied with them. They didn't last very long due to my dogs nesting and I was constantly having to wash them to keep the doggy odor away. With my new H&H cushions all I have to do is give them an occasional wiping down! The burgundy color is perfect in my living room.
Lisa Gilmer

Just wanted to thank you for the great bed for my corgi as well as the speedy shipment and easy to follow directions. I had to explain to my cat that it is a DOG BED...
Thanks again!
Jan Mathews

We bought a cot from you when we found out our Shar-pei had cancer. She underwent 4 surgeries and chemotherapy. The bed was great because she didn't have to jump on/off our couch & it was so comfortable for her. She likes it by our sliding glass door. She can watch the back yard (acre) and the lake behind the house--watch the other dogs and squirrels and ducks and birds.
Patty Aguire & Jade

I received my dog bed yesterday and am very impressed with its sturdiness. My Danes immediately layed on it and I thought maybe they wouldn't as it's been a little cool and they generally prefer fluffy beds when it's cool. I can see placing more orders in the future. Thanks so much.
Joanne Blair

Thank you for the fast service and well made cushion. It was very reasonably priced also. I love it and I'm sure my dog will also. I will recommend you to my friends.
Lester Martin

We received the cot that was ordered for our Black Lab today. Although it is a big change from the couch (our fault to be sure), Savannah seemed to feel right at home on the H&H Industries cot from the moment I got it assembled. Thanks for a great product.
Mike Palmer & Savannah

I just love these cots. I have quite a few of them and they are proving sturdy and durable. Even with my Scottish Deerhounds playing "trampoline" on them they have not torn, broken or even tipped. I have two cots in my puppy house, and now two liters of puppies have each spent months on them, chewing at the edges, etc., but there is still no tearing. The cots are easy to move and clean, and keep the dogs off the floor. They are affordable, too! And its a pleasure to deal with H&H.
Paula Pascoe - Lehigh Scottish Deerhounds

Our H&H Industries cot has a prominent place of honor in the living room, and burgandy exactly matches our couch. Thanks so much for those samples! Our doggies are already learning "go on your cot" to enjoy toys - for some reason, toys can only be enjoyed on a pillow or couch (not floor!), and now they have their own 'couch'!
Dawn, Glacier & Assistant Eskimo Pals

I just have to gush and gush about how absolutely WONDERFUL our H&H cot is!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter put it together as soon as the delivery man dropped it off this afternoon and she put all the pets on it, got on it herself and declared how comfortable it is! We are just thrilled with your unique dog bed and can't wait until our beautiful little puppy joins our family next month. That is assuming that we can dislodge the teenager from the dog bed ... we may very well have the dog in her bed and her on your dog bed!!!!!!!!! Thanks so very much!!!
Terry Brearley

Just wanted to let you know that Tyra loves her new H&H bed! She didn't have any concerns and quickly adapted to it. It was easy to put together, is easy to clean and, best of all, seems to be absolutely Dobermann-proof! I've spent at least $200.00 over the past year trying other "chew-proof" dog beds, but all of them failed under the "Tyra Stress Test". I wish I had known about your beds before. Oh well! I highly recommend your cots to anyone searching for a comfortable, safe and utterly durable bed for their four-legged friends. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
Mark W.

I've purchased 5 H&H Industries cots, and couldn't be more pleased. These are sturdily built with safety in mind (many hammock-type beds have holes where feet can be caught -- not the H&H cot!) and my dogs love them! Easy to clean as well. Even old forgotten toys take on a new interest when enjoyed on their H&H cot! These are much more reasonably priced than those seen at the dog shows -- and much better constructed. The service from H&H Industries is great, the product exceptional.The Toon Town Papillons give 2 paws up to H&H cots!! The perfect bed for those who want their furbabies to have only the finest -- even if you're on a budget!
Susi Gleffe - Toon Town Papillons

I've used H&H Industries beds for years. A very durable dog bed that puts comfort first.
Dr. Jim Smart DVM

I couldn't be more pleased with our H&H Industries dog bed. I had searched high and low for a reasonably priced LARGE dog bed that would get my Great Dane up off the floor and still support her weight of 140lbs. Her H&H cot does all this and more. It is well constructed, easy to assemble, easy to clean, and slips under my bed when not in use. Thanks for making such a great product. We don't know how we did without it for so long.
Amy Corkill & Bella

I bought a cot from you a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with it! The dogs love it and fight to get on it first! It has become their favorite place to lay!
Jennie Sexton

I ordered an H&H Industries cot for my 2 dogs. I am a licensed Animal Health Technician. I see many new products on the market for animals. Most of them come and go. My opinion is, yours will be around for a long time. It put together easily, had safety features for your pets and people (such as coverings over any screws), and my dogs absolutely love it. One of my dogs is a chocolate Lab that is ageing. I have noticed that when he gets up in the morning, he is not nearly as stiff as usual. He also likes being up off of the floor. He feels like he is getting away with something (like being on the bed) but he isn't. I would highly recommend your product to anyone (and I have!) interested in their animals comfort.
Thank you for your product,
Janeane Yeh

I've never seen a dog bed as strong and durable as an H&H Industries cot. The cushions are just as durable and they custom-make them to fit my whelping boxes, kennel crates, and my trucks and trailers. These aren't the only dog beds on the market, they're just the best. For me there is no other dog bed than a H&H bed.
Terry Creek - Pecos Kennels

H&H beds are great! The dogs love them, and they are very safe and sturdy.
Nancy Edgington - Journey Afghan Hounds

My two Labradors love their H&H Industries cot. I have tried several different dog beds and none of them come close to the quality of this one. This bed is affordable, the right size since its custom-made, durable, and easy to clean. What more could you ask for?
Tina Megesi

Dollar for dollar, H&H cushions & cots are the most comfortable and durable dog bed I have ever used.
John Taylor - TNT Kennel

Excellent! I am a repeat customer. H&H Industries cots, indestructible by my canine kids and highly recommended by me, them and their product.
Karen DeVon Herman - Taj Mahal Hounds

Great product! I've had H&H Industries cushions in all my trucks & trailers for many years.
Pat Collins - Pat C Greyhound Kennel Inc.

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